New forefront terminals for the future of cargo transport

TERMINAL ALPTRANSIT (TerAlp) is the Logistic Hub company in charge of setting up latest-generation intermodal terminals in Milan and Brescia.

The company mission is to provide the most productive areas of Italy with new and technologically advanced inland terminals. The terminals will have to meet – in the most effective, efficient and most environmentally friendly way – future demands for long-distance freight transports, starting from the Milan and Brescia areas and the main starting/destination points in Italy and the rest of Europe.

The new Milan and Brescia terminals will allow optimum management of the increasing traffic levels caused by the opening of the San Gotthard and Ceneri Base tunnels, as well as of the Lötschberg tunnel, which are part of the New Rail Link through the Alps (NRLA): this is one of the world's most

important rail infrastructure, and is centred on the new San Gotthard Base Tunnel.

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