Innovative solutions for integrated transport

TX LOGISTIK is the Logistic Hub company that offers rail freight services in several European countries. TX LOGISTIK provides integrated transport solutions throughout Europe and push borders back, to offer you new opportunities on the rails. In the medium and long term, the company is planning to expand its r international activities within the Group.

TX LOGISTIK is pursing that objective with especial vigour.

With more than 20,000 trains each year TX LOGISTIK ranks  among the most important rail logistics companies in Europe, and is a driving force in the industry. For almost 20 years now, the company worked as a traction provider and operator in the haulage sector, and possesses special expertise in the field of integrated rail logistics.
The company, based in Germany, already operates in various different countries.

TX LOGISTIK benefits from a European network which has grown organically and is well positioned to face the challenges of European delivery chains.

With its different products Intermodal, Maritime, Automobile and Freight, TX LOGISTIK cover the entire range of goods transport. With NIKRASA the company has developed an innovative system for the rail transport of non craneable semitrailers, and closes the gap between road and rail.

Today, the company coordinates the flow of goods within the major trans-european corridors, primarily on the north-south axis, in nine countries, tomorrow it will provide new connections wherever they are needed.

Today, the company puts innovation on the rails to be prepared for future market needs.